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Thursday, June 14, 2018

What Might Have Been Part 2: Another CBJ Prototype Jersey

Another early CBJ prototype has surfaced! This is the third known prototype style and by far the busiest design.  There is a *lot* going on here.  This one has three shades of blue, stripes, chevrons,  a lace-up collar, the CBJ logo, more stripes and of course, Stinger.

1998-99 CBJ Prototype (version 2) Front
1999-98 CBJ Prototype (version 2) Back

You might recall the first prototype, a white version very similar to this one, submitted by Nathan, posted almost 4 years ago on this blog.  They share several elements that would not be part of the final design.  Piping on the sleeves and chest would be abandoned as well as the chevrons, lace-up collar and the multiple shades of blue.  I really love that this version retains the same "Worthington Industries" light blue that owner John H. McConnell, must have loved.  In two ways, this blue version is a little closer to the final production jersey in a few ways.  The stars are still sewn and not sublimated, but the red is now squared off, similar to the final design. The final production jerseys would also include a toned down version of the garish horizontal stripes of this prototype. It's difficult to see in these photographs, but those stripes are in both the home and away jersey styles used from 2000-2007.

2000-01 CBJ Road Jersey
2000-01 CBJ Home Jersey
Here are some close ups of the unique sewn elements of the jersey.

A third prototype is known which is very similar to this one.  It lacks the alternating, horizontal blue stripes and has a nameplate and numbers affixed.  I hope the owner will let me photograph it one day to share on this blog.

Thanks for looking. I have a pretty huge backlog of stuff I should be posting here, so I will start to work on that and try to share a new thing each month.

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