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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Rick Nash puck

From reader Mike Z:

Yup - That's The Captain's John Hancock
Not too much to tell about this puck, aside from the fact that I do know it's Rick's signature when comparing it to other pucks. He could really stand to learn some better penmanship... I can't make out any of the letters and I presume there's a "61" in the middle, but who knows. I've got a good friend that recently bought a Macbook Air since he was moving to New York and needed something light to commute with. He didn't really know much about Apple products, and since I work in IT and frequently deal with Macs, I offered to set it up for him with a bunch of software and configure everything for him before he left. He offered the puck to me as payment, and I couldn't be happier with it. Looks great on my mantle next to my small & modest collection of unsigned pucks like my opening-night puck, 10 year anniversary puck and a practice puck I caught before the crowd protective netting was in place (unknown shooter since it was a deflection off the crossbar during warmups but I'd like to think it's an Espen, Sanderson, or similarly vintage player).

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