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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Todd Marchant & Tyler Wright pucks

From reader Mcsean3, I think that's Marchant on the left and Wright on the right - both boxed (classy!).  These apparently were signed at the "Adam Allgeyer Memorial Hockey Tournament" - what's the backstory on that?

And get a load of the other pucks this guy has!  That's an ECHL Columbus Chill puck behind the autographed ones...and what's the story with the hand-written Canadians puck?

Thanks for the photo!  Great collection!

[UPDATE: Sean offers a little extra for your reading pleasure...]
I love the idea for the new blog

I sat behind the home bench for the first 3 seasons, which often resulted in pucks getting chipped into the bench which invariably meant one of the trainers or coaches would flip the puck over the glass.

I picked up 4 game used pucks that way. Also, I have a puck signed by Todd Marchant and Tyler Wright that I won at silent auction at the Adam Allgeyer tournament in Dublin. This was of course, before both guys found themselves playing in Anaheim.

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