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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Kris Russell sweater, plus a little more

Reader Dannielle shares a few pieces from her treasure trove of Columbus Blue Jackets memorabilia:

The jersey:
Kris Russell #2 jersey, I had it lettered by the Blue Line in September of 2008. Approximately one month before he was sent to Syracuse and returned a changed (numbered) man.
I had this signed in February of 2009 at Hockey Fest, one of my favorite fan experiences! We did the VIP option, so you had a private meet & greet with the team. Half of the team did lunch with us, the other half did a signing in the locker room. They rushed us through the locker room, but as I was waiting for my turn to get to Kris, I was standing beside Ole-Kristian Tollefsen, who saw the jersey hanging over my arm & proceeded to say, "KRIS RUSSELL? What is THAT?" To which Kris, without looking, exclaimed it was awesome, though OKT was adamant it was ridiculous. :) Kris signed it, we got a photo (while OKT teased to smile big and was just generally hilarious), and then while I was still standing in line with my cohort immediately after, Manny Malhotra decided to get in on the pick-on-me action because I was giggly and red-faced. 
Later on, OKT was in the penalty box doing photos and I stopped by for one, and jokingly I asked if I could sit on his lap, and he told me only if I took my Kris Russell jersey off! :( (But I didn't, and he let me anyway.)
Great story!  And look what else she's got up on her shelves...
The other two photos are just random things I've picked up along the way. It's not nearly all of it, I've downsized a little bit. I have four autographed pucks (Russell, Stralman, Murray, and Calvert).
A memory box I painted & decorated myself to house my ticket stubs & programs from 2009-10, a cookie tin signed by the 2008-09 team, some photos I took in the locker room. I have a lot of other pictures I took framed, but they're all over the place.
 Also not pictured (and not technically CBJ) is a puck used by CBJ newb Ryan Russell to score a goal in the 2008 ECHL Kelly Cup Finals, and his 2008-09 red away jersey from the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs (autographed in 2010 in Hamilton).
 Thanks for sharing, Dannie!

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