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Friday, July 8, 2011

Adam Foote-signed puck

Reader Dave wisely recognizes that Adam Foote is persona non grata in Central Ohio (even though Foote still has a house in town with a sweet basement), so he asked that I preserve his anonymity in this photo:

Yes, this post is about more than just a photo with the reviled ex-captain.  There's a signed puck involved.  And, yes, there's a story...
This was taken during a Pre-Season game in the post game media center where Foote was not taking questions. Except for me as I had won an auction to be a "CBJ reporter for a game". I was fed a pregame meal during which ex-gmdm came over to my table and demanded my credentials for being there.(my cbj escort had stepped out for a moment) This was when they still fed the press and the meals were fantastic and the room filled with media and scouts and other NHL officials and dignitaries. Dougie Mac stopped the practice after that season as it cost too much so you had to pay the next year.

Anyways after dinner I was dumped to 1460 The Fan reporter Lori Schmidt and we went to the press box to watch the game where I was instructed on how not to cheer. Nevermind I've been working high school basketball games for more than 20 years now.

Ok after the game we go to the locker room and [CBJ PR director] Todd Sharrock comes and finds me and says we're gonna get a player for you to interview and he brings Foote out and a couple of reporters get miffed that he won't talk to them. One of them was the sports anchor at channel 10 at the time. Adam was cool enough, but didn't really want to be there. In any case he signed the puck i'm holding and that was that.
Quite the experience, one I'm sure Dave will never forget.

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