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Friday, July 22, 2011

DBT's Jonathan Sigalet-delivered CBJ practice puck

On a day when we learned that Columbus Blue Jackets prospect Jonathan Sigalet signed a contract to play for the Kontinental Hockey League's Lev Proprad, I thought I'd share the story of this particular puck:

The Dark Blue Toddler and I attended our first Blue Jackets training camp practices last fall (He's now 2, so I got him in early!).  Like most practices, the one in question saw a number of CBJ hopefuls hanging out after practice to work on their games and hopefully impress a coach or two in the process.  One was Sigalet.

Note that I said "attended" when referring to DBT's presence, not "watched".  The kid was a holy terror in Nationwide Arena, running the stairs and aisles like no one's business.  I barely got to watch any hockey because I was chasing the little man around so much.  (But hey, some hockey is better than no hockey...right?)

So DBT's charging down Row M (or so - I can't remember the precise row, but it was halfway up the section) from Nationwide Arena's Section 114 to 115, and I sat down to take a break and watch the prospects practice their shots and drills for a moment.  So I'm on one far end of 114, and DBT's roughly at the far end of 115. Sigalet's apparently at center ice, but I was focusing on the drill at one goal.


What was that?  One of the other fans turns around and says, "Get that puck.  It's for your son."  I look down the aisle, and whaddya know.  There's a puck!  I double-take down to the ice, and there's Sigalet, offering a kind wave.  I wave back, grab the puck and share it with DBT (who immediately tries to put it in his mouth).

So Jonathan Sigalet, a defenseman who couldn't crack the Columbus Blue Jackets' lineup, had enough talent in his post-practice fatigued body to chuck a puck halfway up the lower bowl and drop it into the precise row that DBT and I were in.  Wow...that single shot spoke volumes to me about the level of talent out there on the NHL ice.

I always wanted to get the/ puck signed, but Sigalet was sent down to Springfield within a couple days of this occurrence.  Never got the chance, and now he's playing in Russia.

Good luck, Jonathan.  You're a class act, a generous guy...and I'll make sure my son has your puck around for the duration.

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