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Friday, July 15, 2011

The CBJ Beer-Hockey Coffee Table

Reader Shawn presents us with 115% awesomeness - a homemade beer-hockey coffee table with a Blue Jackets theme:

I think this could be one of the more unique pieces of Blue Jackets fan items that you've received. 

This is the coffee table I built during the magical 08-09 season (special thanks to Visionary Signs for the graphic). The boards are old wooden hockey sticks and it's covered with a layer of protective laminate. It's a coffee table sized penny hockey game. 

The rules are pretty simple. A person sits at each end and using their thumb (or how ever they prefer) takes turns sliding the puck across the ice trying to get the puck to drop into the hole at the other end. You have to play the puck as it lies, but if it falls in the neutral zone then either player can make a swipe at it. First to 5, 10, whatever wins. If you get scored on you put the puck at one of your faceoff dots and shoot from there.

"Beer-Hockey" is basically the same, but for every beer you finish you get to the place the empty can/bottle what have you in front of your goal as a defender making it more difficult to score.

Just thought I'd share.

So glad you did!

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