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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Andrew Murray "Bob Gainey" jersey

On February 23, 2008, the Montreal Canadiens retired the jersey number of the legendary Bob Gainey:

Why do I share this little nugget with you - on a Blue Jackets memorabilia blog? Go back and look at the video again. The team on the visiting bench was none other than our Columbus Blue Jackets. And besides the fact that the Blue Jackets smoked the Habs, 3-0, in the Bell Centre that night, there is a legitimate memorabilia note to be made, one that reader Rhonda brings forth from her vault of CBJ pucks and stuff...

During warmups, the Blue Jackets all wore jersies with the number 23 - Gainey's number - on them in honor of the man of the hour.  The CBJ then distributed the jersies, which were signed by both Gainey and the CBJ players who wore them.  (I'll presume that this was a CBJ Foundation auction, but I'm not entirely sure.  Rhonda tells me that the jersies were auctioned off at NHL.com.)

Rhonda is the proud owner of the Andrew Murray "Bob Gainey" sweater:

Note the "23" on the collar tag.  I think we can presume it was
a Gainey reference.

Murray's signature at the top, Gainey's at the bottom.  Tres cool.
What a terrific way for a visiting team to honor a hockey legend!  

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