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Monday, July 4, 2011

The CBJ wives cookbook

Reader John shares with us perhaps one of the more unique (at least in my opinion) keepsakes from the Columbus Blue Jackets' inaugural season.  I'll let him explain this gem:
This is Volume I and it was sold during the inaugrual season. (Maybe someone can help with this?)
The CBJ foundation teamed with Max and Erma's to sell this cookbook for $30 in their restaurants and, I guess, at games. It has a stiff back cover which folds to let the book stand up, as seen in the photos. There are tabs for the different sections: Foundation, Recipes, Scrapbook and Your Team. Of interest are the ingredients for 'ownership' and the note about the foundation and their goal to grow youth hockey in Columbus. As we see now, youth hockey and leagues are present where little to none existed before. 
I can't say if this is the first thing the CBJ foundation put out to raise funds, but it is certainly among the earliest.
More photos coming up...

Thanks, John, for sharing this terrific piece of Blue Jackets memorabilia!

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